UPVC / APVC / PVC Roofing Sheet

    1. 3 Layer Heat Insulated UPVC Roofing Sheet

      Due to exceptional corrosion resistance, the product comes without any chemical reactions even when it is immersed in the saline solution, alkali solution, or the acid solution with concentration below 60% for continuously 24 hours.

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    1. 3 Layer Reinforced UPVC Roofing Sheet

      The 3 layer reinforced UPVC roofing sheet is especially designed by our company to offer increased strength and rigidity as well as extended lifespan. As compared with conventional roofing sheets, the reinforced version supports purlin spacing up to 1200mm, which saves lots of cost in steel structure construction.

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    1. Anti Corrosion APVC Roofing Sheet

      The top layer material is a kind of resin with superior weather resistance. Due to its resistance to UV radiation and chemical corrosion, this material provides our APVC roofing sheet with great durability.

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    1. PVC Corrugated Roof Sheet

      This economical class plastic roofing material has great color consistency, and is corrosion, fire, and weather resistant. As a kind of non-asbestos building material, it is environmental friendly, and is available with bright colors.

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