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Transparent UPVC Roofing Sheet

Special Features
1. Competitively Priced
2. Excellent Anti-UV Performance

The transparent UPVC roofing sheet is manufactured based on the latest technologies and European standard PVC resin formulations. It adopts PVC as the main material which is then mixed with anti-UV additive and other chemical additives. The quality material makes the plastic roofing sheet weather resistant and compatible with acid and alkali as well as organic solvents. Other advantages are listed below.

UPVC Roofing Sheet Features
(1) Competitively priced
(2) Fire resistant and waterproof
(3) Highly corrosion resistant
(4) Easy for installation due to lightweight
(5) Light transmitting and multiple color options
(6) High strength

Applications of Transparent UPVC Roofing Sheet
The transparent design makes the UPVC roofing sheet a great material for green houses, skylights, as well as various roofing projects with daylighting demands. Meanwhile, the same as our other series of UPVC roofing materials, this range of product is also regularly used in the roof construction projects for chemical factories, warehouses, steel structure buildings, vegetable markets, car sheds, etc.

  • Green House
  • Factory
General Technical Specifications of Transparent UPVC Roofing Sheet
Thickness 1.0 ±0.1mm 1.2 ±0.1mm 1.5 ±0.1mm
Weight 1.7 ±0.1kg/m2 2.1 ±0.1kg/m2 2.6 ±0.1kg/m2
Length 5800mm , 11800mm or can be customized
Overall width 1130 mm 1350mm Varies with the profile type
Effective width 1050 mm 1260mm Varies with the profile type
Purlin spacing 700~800mm
Color White-transparent, blue-transparent, green-transparent, or customized
Container Load capacity Thickness SQ.M./20 FCL (21 Tons) SQ.M./40 FCL (26 Tons)
1.0mm 12000 m2 15000 m2
1.2mm 10000 m2 12300 m2
1.5mm 8000 m2 10000 m2
Detailed Profile Drawing of Transparent UPVC Roofing Sheet
Product Type Model No. Profile Drawing
Trapezoidal HB-P-T-840-210-26
HB-P-T-1350-210-26 (recommended)
Round Wave HB-P-T-930-63-16
Testing Results of 1mm Thick Transparent UPVC Roofing Sheet
No. Test item Test method Test condition Test result
1 Tensile strength ASTM D638-10 Testing speed: 50mm/min 46 Mpa
2 Flexural strength ASTM D790-10 Procedure A Testing speed: 1.3mm/min
Span: 48mm
68 Mpa
3 High temperature resistance --- 60°C , 6h No visible change
4 Low temperature resistance --- -35°C , 6h No visible change
5 Chemical resistance --- 70% Ethanol solution,(V/V), Immersion test, 23°C, 2h No visible change
6 --- 10% NaOH Solution, (m/m), Immersion test, 23°C, 2h No visible change
7 --- Saturation NaCL Solution, Immersion test, 23°C, 2h No visible change
8 20mm Vertical burning test UL 94-2013 Section 8 Specimen: 129x12.5x3.0mm V-0
9 Purlin Spacing --- Spacing between 2 purlins 700~800mm

Note: The above testing results are achieved based on tests conducted by SGS, and are provided for reference only.

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