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Flat PVC Sheet

Special Features
1. Good Anti-Corrosion
2. Competitive Pricing

The flat PVC sheet is produced based on advanced technology and rational raw material proportions. As its name indicates, this sheeting material adopts polyvinyl chloride resin as the main material. Then, the PVC resin is mixed with red soil, anti-UV additive, and other chemical materials for improved overall performance.

Features of Flat PVC Sheet
1. Fire resistant

The flat PVC sheet is a kind of non-flammable material with oxygen index ≥32.
2. Anti-corrosion
Due to good resistance to chemical corrosion, the product has lifespan several times longer than zinc sheets.
3. High impact strength
The high impact and tensile strength makes sure the product is hardly breakable.
4. Weather resistant
The anti-UV additive enables the flat PVC sheet to protect itself from UV radiation.
5. Low noise
The product has superb noise absorption performance. For instance, when it rains, its noise generation is more than 30dB lower than that of metal roofing sheets.
6. Multiple color options
A wide range of bright colors are available for option.
7. Environmental friendly
As a kind of asbestos-free material, this range of plastic sheet won't release carcinogen.

Applications of Flat PVC Sheet
1. The flat PVC sheet is an ideal material for water channel or gutters construction in factories, warehouses, as well as farmers or vegetable markets.
2. It is a great surface and bottom material choice for sandwich panels.
3. It can also be utilized as the surface material for partition walls.
4. Used in advertising industry for making advertising boards.
5. The product is also an ideal alternative to conventional veneer for doors to offer anti-moisture function. Also, it can be used as decorative material due to its multiple color options and weather resistance.
6. The PVC sheet can be used to make acid or alkali solution basins in chemical industry.

  • Roll Packing
  • Pallet Packing

Color Choices of Flat PVC Sheet
White, blue, green, or customized.

  • White ( PFS-C-001 )
  • Blue ( PFS-C-002 )
  • Green ( PFS-C-003 )
Specifications of Flat PVC Sheet
Model HB-PFS
Thickness 1.0 ±0.1mm 1.2 ±0.1mm 1.5 ±0.1mm 2. 0 ±0.1mm 2.5 ±0.1mm 3.0±0.1mm
Weight 1.8 ±1kg/m2 2.15 ±0.1kg/m2 2.7 ±0.1kg/m2 3.6 ±0.1kg/m2 4.6 ±0.1kg/m2 5.6 ±0.1kg/m2
Length 30m /roll or customized
Overall width 1000 mm 1200 mm 1000~1200mm
Container Load capacity Thickness SQ.M./20 FCL (21 Tons) SQ.M./40 FCL (26 Tons)
1.0mm 11500 m2 14300 m2
1.2mm 9600 m2 12000 m2
1.5mm 7600 m2 9500 m2
2.0mm 5700 m2 7100 m2
2.5mm 4500 m2 5600 m2
3.0mm 3600 m2 4600 m2
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