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Steel Roof Tile Accessories

Roofing accessories are necessary during roof tile installation. As a dedicated manufacturer of steel roofing tiles, we also supply a wide selection of steel roof tile accessories, including hip tile, circular end cap, side flashing, etc.

Main Roof Tiles Accessories

  • A01-Circular Ridge/
    Hip Tile
  • A02-Angled Ridge/
    Hip Tile
  • A03-Angled Ridge/
    Hip Tile
  • A04-Square Ridge/
    Hip Tile
  • A05-Circular End Cap
  • A06-Hexagonal End Cap
  • A07-Pentagon End Cap
  • A08-Valley Tray
  • A09-Eave Flashing
  • A010-Side Flashing
  • A011- Bargeboard Cover
  • A012-Flat Sheet
  • A013-Steel Nail
  • A014- Restorative materials
  • Anti-rust bottom layer (optional)

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