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    1. Spanish Style ASA Roof Tile

      ASA has outstanding corrosion resistance and anti-UV performance, which provides our ASA roofing tiles with long term color stability and long service life. In addition, our environmental friendly products are also resistant to water, fire, and weather, and have good heat and sound insulation performances.

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    1. ASA Roof Tile AccessoriesAs the largest manufacturer of Spanish style synthetic resin tiles, we can also supply a complete range of ASA roof tile accessories to meet the demands of different projects.
  • Weatherproof ASA-PVC Roofing Sheet

    These roofing sheets have characteristics such as easy cleaning, good thermal and sound insulation, as well as great resistance to water, fire, corrosion, and contaminations. With high toughness, they can also withstand strong winds and shocks as well as heavy hails.

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    1. 3 Layer Heat Insulated UPVC Roofing Sheet

      Due to exceptional corrosion resistance, the product comes without any chemical reactions even when it is immersed in the saline solution, alkali solution, or the acid solution with concentration below 60% for continuously 24 hours.

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    1. 3 Layer Reinforced UPVC Roofing Sheet

      The 3 layer reinforced UPVC roofing sheet is especially designed by our company to offer increased strength and rigidity as well as extended lifespan. As compared with conventional roofing sheets, the reinforced version supports purlin spacing up to 1200mm, which saves lots of cost in steel structure construction.

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    1. PVC Corrugated Roof Sheet

      This economical class plastic roofing material has great color consistency, and is corrosion, fire, and weather resistant. As a kind of non-asbestos building material, it is environmental friendly, and is available with bright colors.

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    1. Transparent UPVC Roofing SheetThe transparent UPVC roofing sheet is manufactured based on the latest technologies and European standard PVC resin formulations. It adopts PVC as the main material which is then mixed with anti-UV additive and other chemical additives.
    1. Transparent FRP Roofing Sheet

      It is primarily made of a thermosetting plastic reinforced with glass fiber. The strength of the glass fiber reinforced plastic sheet is several times that of steel or aluminum sheets with the same thickness.

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  • Insulated Wall Panel

    Combining all the advantages of its raw materials, the UPVC wall panel offers an ideal choice for heat insulation and noise reduction as well as corrosion prevention purposes. This building insulation material is often used in high temperature areas, noisy areas, and places with frequent acid rain.

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  • Flat PVC SheetFire resistant: The flat PVC sheet is a kind of non-flammable material with oxygen index ≥32.
    Anti-corrosion: Due to good resistance to chemical corrosion, the product has lifespan several times longer than zinc sheets.
    1. Popular Steel Roof TileIf you are looking for popular styles steel roof tile, then you have come to the right place. We can supply popular style stone coated steel roofing tiles with overall length of 1170mm or 1350mm.
    1. Classic/Modern Steel Roof TileOur range of classic and modern style steel roof tiles are very popular among our customers, because of their high utilization rate, great durability, and environmental friendliness.
    1. Roman Steel Roof TileThe optimum steel roof tile for your Roman style buildings. The Roman style steel roofing tile is coated with a colorful stone layer which largely improves decorative effect.
    1. Wood Grain Steel Roof TileThe wood grain series steel roof tile comes with multiple design options to suit your architectural design demands. As an expert in metal roofing tile industry, we can also supply products with customized colors.
    1. Flat Steel Roof TileConstructed using eco-friendly materials, our flat steel roof tile has earned high reputation in international market. Its premium quality steel substrate ensures high strength and zinc aluminum layer offers great corrosion resistance.
    1. Steel Roof Tile InstallationThe installation guide for our range of stone coated steel roof tiles is available here. Correct installation will effectively extend the service life of your metal roofing system.
    1. Steel Roof Tile AccessoriesRoofing accessories are necessary during roof tile installation. As a dedicated manufacturer of steel roofing tiles, we also supply a wide selection of steel roof tile accessories, including hip tile, circular end cap, side flashing, etc.