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ASA Synthetic Resin Tile Application Cases

The 2010 Asian Games --- Flat-to-Slope Roof Reconstruction Project

To welcome the coming 2010 Asian Games, the Guangzhou government in 2009 advocated roofing system reconstruction or decoration for the buildings around the inner ring road within Liwan District.

The roofing system reconstruction or decoration project was started in June 2009. Hongbo was successfully selected as the authorized ASA synthetic resin tile supplier for the project.

All the reconstructed roofing systems have got a brand new look due to our ASA roofing tiles with bright colors and aesthetical design. Meanwhile, our products have also earned a high reputation among installers and users due to their easy installation as well as good corrosion and weather resistance.

2011 Summer Universiade --- Flat-to-Slope Roof Reconstruction Project in Longgang District

In September 2011, the Longgang District advocated roofing system reconstruction and decoration so as to create environmental friendly surrounding for the coming 2011 Summer Universiade. The eco-friendly material --- ASA synthetic resin tile --- was selected as the main roofing material for the flat-to-slope roof reconstruction project.

Again, we were successfully selected as the major roof material supplier for the project.

Until June 2011, we had supplied 320,000m2 ASA roofing tiles for the project.

The People's Hospital of Haikou City --- Flat-to-Slope Roof Reconstruction Project

In August 2012, the Material Purchasing and Management Department of the People's Hospital of Haikou City approved the roofing system reconstruction project, and purchased 23,000m2 synthetic resin tiles from Hongbo.

Hongbo ASA roof tiles have earned a well deserved reputation due to their superior heat and sound insulation as well as bright colors.

Changsha Kiln Museum in Hunan Province --- Flat-to-Slope Roof Reconstruction Project

In December 2012, the Changsha Kiln Museum in Hunan Province decided to reconstruct its roofing system, that is, to reconstruct the flat roofs into pitched roofs. Hongbo was selected as the roof material supplier.

Our ASA antique tiles have earned an evitable reputation for their aesthetical appearance, easy installation, as well as good heat and fire resistance.

A Military Region in Baiyun District, Guangzhou Province --- Flat-to-Slope Roof Reconstruction Project

In November 2012, Hongbo was selected as the roofing material (ASA synthetic resin tile) supplier for the building decoration project of the military region in Baiyun District, Guangzhou Province.

We had made every effort to fulfill the supply contract so as to make sure all the customer demands can be met. Due to excellent quality and accurate specifications, our products were spoken highly of by the client.