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1. What products do you manufacture?
Hongbo is a dedicated manufacturer of plastic roof materials and wall panels. Our products include the Spanish style ASA synthetic resin tile, 3-layer UPVC roof sheet, ultra-weathering ASA roof sheet, anti-corrosion APVC roof sheet, heat insulation wall panel, PVC corrugated roofing sheet, PVC flat sheet, transparent UPVC roof sheet, transparent FRP roof sheet and more.

2. Where can the plastic roofing material and wall panel be used?
Our plastic roofing materials can be used in the construction of common houses, villas, hotels, tourist resorts, high-grade plants, steel factories, warehouses, farmers market, sheds, and more. They are especially suitable for smelters, ceramic plants, soy sauce factories, printing and dyeing plants, organic solvent factories, acid and alkali as well as other corrosive chemical manufacturing plants, etc.

3. What are the advantages of plastic roof tiles and roof sheets?
Hongbo plastic roof tiles and plastic sheets have features such as easy cleaning, high toughness, heat insulation, sound insulation, environment-friendliness, light weight, and easy installation. They also have great performance in withstanding strong wind and hail impact, and are resistant to UV radiation, water, fire, corrosion, shock, and contamination.

4. What are the available colors for Hongbo plastic roofing materials?
We can make plastic roofing sheets and tiles in colors such as blue, white, green, beige, grey, and terra-cotta. Customized colors are available as well.

5. What are the differences between galvanized metal roofing and plastic roof tile?
Item Galvanized Steel Roofing
( 0.6mm thickness )
Plastic Roof Tile
( 2.5mm thickness )
Stability in corrosive environment Easy to be rusty and easy to take chemical reactions Highly stable in corrosive environment
Service life ≥ 7 years 10~30 years
Tensile Strength 50 MPa 28 МPа
Waterproof Very bad Excellent
Combustibility Not combustible Not combustible
Sound Insulation Very bad Good
Heat insulation Very bad Excellent
Thermal Conductivity 6.52W/m.K 0.071 W/m.K
Efficiency 92% 93%
Green and Environment Friendly Can not be recycled Green products; can be recycled

Note: The above data is provided just for reference. The actual data may vary with specific situations.

6. What kind of fitting accessory should be used for installation? How many sets of fitting accessory should be used per square meter?
We recommend using self-tapping screws and our specially designed waterproof accessories for roof panel and roof tile installation, thus ensuring excellent waterproof performance. We suggest using 5 sets of installation accessories for each square meter of roof material.

  • Waterproof Accessory for ASA Synthetic Resin Tile
  • Waterproof Accessory for Heat Insulation UPVC Roof Tile
  • Waterproof Accessory for Heat Insulation Wall Panel

7. What are the compatible supporting structures for Hongbo plastic roof sheet and tile?
Our roof materials are compatible with wooden and steel structure frames.

8. What is the proper spacing distance between two purlines?
Normal roof panels: 700~900mm
Reinforced roof panels: 1000~1200mm

9. How long is the delivery time for one container?
Generally speaking, we can deliver one container goods in 3 days.