Add.: Zhaoda Industrial Park, Shishan Town, Nanhai District Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China.


Hongbo Plastic Factory was founded.
In addition to two sets of imported PVC roof sheet extrusion equipment, we also have a group of specialists in PVC sheet extrusion industry. We offered an annual production capacity of 6,000 tons of roofing materials.

To meet the increasing market demand, we made an investment to acquire our third production line. This increased our annual production capacity up to 9,000 tons.

Based on innovative technologies, we successfully developed the 2 layer anti-corrosion PVC roofing sheet. In addition to great corrosion resistance, this new range of roofing material also has high rigidity and longer service life.

Additionally, we established an international department to expand our overseas market.

We developed the PVC flat sheet. This plastic sheeting material is widely used in the manufacturing of partition walls, advertising boards, ceiling boards, and more.

We also developed the 3 layer insulated UPVC roof sheet to serve as the alternative to color steel roofing sheets or tiles, so as to meet the application demands in areas with high temperature and humid weather. While avoiding water leakage caused by rustiness, the UPVC sheet also has good sound reduction and heat insulation performances.

Thanks to high quality products and customer service, we earned the trust of both national and international clients, which contribute to constant expanding of international markets.
Again, in order to meet the increasing market demand, we acquired our fourth production line so as to increase our annual output to 12,000 tons.

To hold the Asian Games in environmental friendly manner, the Chinese government advocated reconstructing flat roofs into pitched ones. In response to the call, we innovatively developed the ASA synthetic resin roof tile to satisfy the flat-to-slope roof reconstruction project requirements in China.

Due to outstanding performance and bright colors, this kind of roof material is also popular in international markets for similar purposes, and we became the main engineering resin roofing tile supplier of the 2010 Asian Games.

In the same year, we introduced our fifth production line to increase our annual yield to 15,000 tons.

We became the main supplier of synthetic resin roof tile for the 2011 Summer Universiade.

Benefiting from the positive promotional effect gained in 2010 Asian Games, our synthetic resin roof tiles have earned high reputations from our customers and are widely used for roofing system construction. To cater clients' demands, we increased our production line number to seven. Thus, our yearly output was increased to 21,000 tons.

In the same year, we especially developed the weatherproof ASA roof panel which comes with exceptional anti-UV performance, aging resistance, and at least 10 years' color stability. While offering extended service life, this type of roofing sheet also solves the bad weather-resistance and color fading problems of conventional roofing materials.

Hongbo offers only qualified and competitively priced roofing supplies. This has enabled us to win the trust of our clients in the Middle East, Asia, South America Russia, Africa, and many other countries and areas, and we have plenty of regular customers in these areas.

We acquired our eighth and ninth production line in this year, and we also established the second factory. This year, our annual production capacity reached up to 28,000 tons, and we became one of the largest plastic roofing material manufacturers in China.

We acquired other two production lines, which increases our annual production capacity to 35,000 tons. Thus, we are capable of satisfying clients' large order demands, and ensure timely delivery.

While making constant efforts to improve our product and service quality, our technical team also strives to develop more types of roof material to suit individual demands. In the process of development, we also need your assistance. So we appreciate your valuable suggestions and feedbacks.