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Product Advantages

Given below are the advantages of Hongbo plastic roofing materials.

Long Lasting Color Stability

Hongbo plastic roof tile and roof sheet have outstanding weather resistance. They can effectively avoid color fading, color changing, and fracturing problems even when they are used under severe conditions with strong UV radiations, large temperature variations, as well as frequent wind and rain.

Remarkable Heat Insulation

Our plastic roof materials have a thermal conductivity coefficient of 0.07 W/mK, which is approximately 1/6 that of cement tiles and 1/2200 that of 0.5mm color steel roof tiles.

Superior Corrosion Resistance

Due to super anti-corrosion performance, chemical reactions won't take place even when our roofing sheets and roofing tiles are immersed in corrosive solutions (saline solution, alkali solution, and acid solution) for continuously 24 hours.
Made of plastic materials, our product won't rust, which largely improves its waterproof performance.
Due to these, Hongbo products are perfect for costal areas and places with frequent acid rain.

Very High Loading Capacity

Our products have very high loading capacity due to high thermal stability. Thermal expansion or contraction won't occur, even when they are applied in extremely high or low temperatures.
To illustrate, our products have no visible changes at temperatures from 35°C to 60°C. Under low temperature conditions (for instance, areas with long lasting snow accumulation on rooftop), our synthetic resin roof tiles and roof sheets won't occur surface damage or fracture problems.

Highly Fire Resistant

According to tests conduced by SGS, our products conform to the UL 94-2013 plastics flammability standard. They are proven to have flame rating at V0 or higher, and belong to non-flammable building material.

Exceptional Waterproof Performance

Hongbo plastic roof panels have special external designs. This, combined with our patented waterproof accessories, makes sure all fastening screws wont rust. Thus, outstanding water resistance is guaranteed.

GREEN and Environmental Friendly Design

All our products don't contain asbestos or radioactive element, and they are recyclable.

Convenient and Efficient Installation

Hongbo plastic roofing materials have light weight and are available with a complete range of installation accessories, which contribute to convenient installation. The higher usage efficiency (or effective width) makes sure our products offer higher installation efficiency than clay tiles, thus saving cost.