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Stone Coated Steel Roof Tile Application Cases

Product Type: Popular Style
Project: House
Location: Dubai, UAE.
Quantity: 360 m2
Completion Time: 2011

Product Type: Wood Grain Style
Project: Villa
Location: New Zealand
Quantity: 500 m2
Completion Time: 2000

Project: Villa
Location: Sydney, Australia
Quantity: 600 m2
Completion Time: 2010

Product Type: Roman Style
Project: Library
Location: Turkey
Quantity: 1000 m2
Completion Time: 2010

Product Type: Flat Style
Project: House
Location: Mexico
Quantity: 550 m2
Completion Time: 2012

Product Type: Classic Style
Project: House
Location: Kenya, Africa
Quantity: 800 m2
Completion Time: 2011

Our stone coated steel roof tile is applicable for various kinds of roof system construction and decoration. It is especially ideal for villa, high grade residential buildings, large stores, schools, hospitals, museums, libraries, business buildings, government buildings, and official buildings. This type of stone coated metal tile is also applicable for old roof renovation projects.